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"Digital Travel Bookings Here to Stay"

by Media Xpose | Oct 8, 2021 | Rove SA

Priority Escapes is the First Travel Agency in South Africa to go Fully Digital

Though the travel industry has been hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, there has still not been much change to daily operations within agencies, until now. Priority Escapes is leading the pack, by using technological innovation to claim the spot as the first travel agency in South Africa to go fully digital.

Understanding the industry as well as the ever-evolving needs of consumers, has become the driving force behind this innovation, not to mention the need to provide class-leading service to all. Though the world has become more used to a digital-first approach, offering customers the option to engage with their agents face-to-face, as if they were there in person, has added to the confidence of customers as they can now make their travel bookings via Zoom call.


“We have integrated Zoom with our own in-house software system Runway, which means clients can contact agents live and view properties, quotes, and offers in real time. We are all about customer care, experience, and service and for us this was a natural migration as the world has experienced a digital transformation. This enables us to give clients across Southern Africa the best service possible.”
Francois Swart,
Priority Escapes Managing Director

Developing the service offering from standard calls, Priority Escapes has invested in understanding the market and the needs of consumers to be the First Travel Agency in South Africa to go fully digital.
“Our amazing service department has been systematically reaching out to existing and potential clients, and assessing the employment of similar tools in global agencies and trendsetting companies. It provides next-level connection and confidence for our clients, and seeing as it is a tool, we use daily to connect with our partners, families, and colleagues across the world, we decided to take it one step further. Also seeing as we are based in one location, it allows us to connect with clients who are wishing to remain as covid-compliant ahead of travelling, or don’t live within Gauteng,” Swart elaborates.

This digitally engaged option is just another way Priority Escapes has risen to meet customers and their needs. For customers who would prefer this digitally engaged experience, they will be able to access it via and will be redirected to the booking tool which will allow Escape Artist (your personal travel agent) to contact that customer.

“People connect best via a variety of mediums as we live in an omnichannel world, and it is our duty to embrace that and meet them where they most prefer. The value of this portal is that the consultants can virtually walk customers through resorts and documentation without having to lean over a desk. Enabling them to best assess the destination and package suited to their needs. Clients find this approach easier to ask questions and are more engaged as they select the escape #DirectToParadise that they really deserve!”

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