Maldives Travel: The Need To Knows!

It’s a whole new world out there, which makes a luxury island escape even more essential… So we’re making it happen right now! Here’s everything you need to know to put your mind at ease about paradise. We know there’s a lot of info, but please bear with us as it’s all Very Important. And once you’re sipping a cocktail under the island sun, it will definitely be worth it!



The islands of the Maldives are experiencing relatively low COVID-19 infection rates – and they fully intend to keep it that way.

This is one of the most progressive countries in terms of opening borders, but visitor numbers are still far lower than usual. That means more space, more personalised service, and unbelievable deals!

Our resorts are taking every precaution to prevent COVID-19, and guests’ wellness is paramount. Safety measures have been carefully planned to optimise your experience and keep the magic of the Maldives alive. These include:
- Airlines also have strict safety protocols in place to keep you safe.
- Being fully compliant with international regulations.
- Strict hygiene and safety protocols, including increased cleaning schedules, and disinfecting rooms after each check-out.
- Social distancing and limited numbers in reception and other public areas.
- Temperature taking on arrival.
- Extra precautions in restaurants and bars e.g. screens at buffet stations
- Express check-out options.
- Some spa treatments may be limited.

As each resort has designed safety measures to enhance its specific layouts and facilities, please check full details/requirements for your resort via our website. 



Absolutely essential: get a PCR COVID-19 test

- This must be done within 96 hours of your departure from Johannesburg. (That’s 4 days, we had to work it out too…)
- So if your flight departs on Friday night, you should get tested on Tuesday/Wednesday.
- This is more important than packing sunblock/underwear! You will not be allowed to board your flight without a certified, negative COVID-19 test.
- It’s a requirement set by the Maldives government, and applies to anyone entering any part/island of the Maldives, from anywhere in the world.
- The test certificate must include:
     Your name – as it appears on your passport
     Name and address of the testing laboratory
     Type of test (must be a PCR type)
     Date of sampling Result

These details should be standard for any reputable lab, but it’s a good idea to double check… 


1. You will need another Covid-19 test before returning to South Africa (now required by the SA government). Don’t worry – our partner resorts are fully equipped to do the testing and provide your certificate. 

2. You must also complete a "Traveller Health Declaration" up to 24 hours before you travel to the Maldives (i,e. from midnight Thursday if you’re flying at 23:50 Friday). You can find the declaration form at
Once again, you won’t be allowed into paradise without this, so don’t forget!

3. You will have your temperature screened on arrival at airports and on boarding your flight - possibly also on entering different parts of the airport.

4. Passports & Visas 
Some things haven’t changed. Your passport must have at least 6 months’ validity after your return date, and at least two blank pages. South African passport holders don’t need a visa to enter Maldives. If you’ll be travelling on a different passport, please check visa requirements and arrange beforehand if you can. 

5. Insurance
- Travel insurance is not included in your itinerary, but highly recommended.
- If you’re buying travel insurance, check what’s covered regarding COVID-19 because every policy will be different, and there are usually a LOT of exclusions in the fine print.
- Standard Island Hopper cover is available. Or you can get comprehensive COVID insurance with Allied:
- This covers you if you contract Coronavirus while you’re travelling but you would still need a separate policy for standard travel insurance cover. It’s an add-on.



Don’t stress, you're safe! If COVID impacts your journey and government restrictions are imposed, your trip is fully refundable. You can also keep the amazing deal you bagged and move your trip to an alternate date without penalty. If cancelling for any other reasons, penalties as per your itinerary will apply. 


Any other questions? Drop us a mail at and our team will assist you ASAP!