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A great article in Travel Ideas about this season's hottest destination for fun fiesta - Cancun!

This season’s hottest destination is launching just in time for December, courtesy of your purveyor of tailor-made luxury travel, Priority Escapes - welcome to the fun family fiesta happening in Cancun, Mexico! 

When asked why he pursued Cancun as a destination for South Africans, MD Francois Swart - a Mexican aficionado himself - says that “it offers us and our culture everything we adore: great weather, friendly people, an incredible party, and loads of adventure activities.”

With unique natural places, Mayan culture, water activities and adventure this is a destination unlike any other. Sample international gastronomical delights, spectacular golf courses, and world-class spa facilities; or enjoy exclusive shopping centers, wonderful handicraft markets, or the shows, bars and nightclubs that give fame to its incomparable nightlife.

With a first-class hotel infrastructure, and amenities that place it as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, this escape offers something for everyone!



Perhaps none of the exceptional qualities of Cancun come as a surprise, but the game changer is how Priority Escapes is getting people there! No more lengthy transits with stressful connecting flights, especially for families. Just 17 hours #directtoparadise.



Those pictures you see of margaritas on a photoshop-perfect beach? That ain’t photoshop, that’s Cancun! Recognised worldwide for its spectacular trifecta of fine white sand beaches, fascinating tropical turquoise sea, and unparalleled weather, this is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Many local beaches hold the distinction of being Blue Flag for superior quality, and this is all on the second-longest stretch of coral reef in the world, making for incredible snorkeling and diving. 



In Cancun and its surroundings, the wonderful natural attractions such as the majestic mangroves, the lush jungle and the mystic cenotes stand out where you can enjoy countless adventure activities.



The most exciting and entertaining aquatic experiences await you in Cancun to spend moments full of adrenaline and fun, both at sea or in the lagoon. Visit rich coral reefs on a snorkeling experience, kayak around the lagoon, or opt for motorised sports and a kite-surfing lesson if you are feeling the call of adventure!



“But be sure to save some of your energy for the legendary nightlife,” Francois says! Encompassing discos and nightclubs with impressive light shows, acrobats and the best DJs in the world, to unique bars with a wide range of drinks, dancing, and maybe some more drinks (this is the homeland of tequila, after all). 

For those who want something more serene or sophisticated, enjoy a dinner show aboard a pirate ship, or an authentic Mexican party aboard a trajinera in “Xoximilco,” or marvel at the excellent Cirque Du Soleil show.



Playa Delfines Photographic Parador
You cannot leave Cancun without having taken a photo in this famous viewpoint, where you will have the gorgeous Caribbean Sea and bright signage as your backdrop. I adore this!

Underwater Museum of Art 
MUSA, the Underwater Museum of Art, is located in the National Marine Park of Cancun and Isla Mujeres. It has more than 500 sculptures installed on the seabed distributed in three galleries: Manchones Gallery, in Isla Mujeres where the sculptures are located 8 meters deep; Punta Nizuc Gallery and Punta Sam Gallery, both in Cancun, with sculptures at a depth of 4 meters. It is an iconic place to visit.

Mercado 28 
In the center of the city, this is a true icon of the city of Cancun. Discover a wide variety of Mexican souvenirs and handicraft, and sample authentic cuisine with an excellent atmosphere.

Palapas Park
Spend a day as a Cancunense! You’ll never look back. Located in the heart of the city, you can eat Mexican snacks, buy hippie crafts, and watch a public show or musical group. Be sure to try my personal favourite: delicious marquesitas filled with ball cheese, a typical tasty appetiser.

Maya archeological sites
There are some small Mayan vestiges of the pre-Columbian Maya civilisation in Cancún. El Rey (Las Ruinas del Rey) is located in the Hotel Zone and very easy to get to. Others like El Meco, a more substantial site, are on the mainland just outside the city limits. It is a humbling and spiritual experience.

Hotel experiences
Each one of the hotels that myself and my product team has chosen have incredible in-house delights, from tequila tasting to designer golf courses, to family outings. Ask one of our travel specialists to advise which one suits your needs and budget best!



Mexico’s international airports, hotels and tourist attractions remain open and waiting for you to fulfil unique experiences and delights with your friends and family. 

To keep visitors feeling safe and secure during your stay, everyone is required to continue to comply with the preventive measures and established protocols around Covid 19, so that your only concern to not miss out any of these wonderful attractions… and if you DO happen to get sick when travelling, you can quarantine at your hotel for MAHALA until you fly home. But, knowing how much South Africans are going to LOVE this destination, we would urge you not to take this as a sign to start licking escalators.


Priority Escapes is offering you a HO HO HOOOOT December adventure to Cancun with these curated deals… Visit now and experience the fiesta for yourself!