Checklist before you travel


Remember to take your Passport (Valid for 6 months from date of return) which must have a minimum of 2 blank pages.
If you are travelling with children under 18years you will need to take certified copies of unabridged birth certificates. If both parents are not accompanying the children you will also require an affidavit from both parents giving permission to travel.

Remember to check if a visa is required for travel. (Please check with a visa expert or
Don’t forget that transit visas are often required for some destinations especially USA & Europe.

Health Requirements
Vaccinations may be required for travel, especially to some Far East, African & South American destinations. Please check with your travel advisor or a local travel clinic to be sure. Your destination may be affected by Malaria, please also check with your travel advisor if precautions are necessary.

Not all airlines permit seating in advance without cost. Please check with your travel advisor for seating or alternatively check in 24hours before your departure time with the airline directly. Check in normally closes 2 – 3 hours before departure.


Report at the airport at least 3 hours before your international flight.
Restrictions apply on liquids as well as gels & aerosols for carry on baggage.
No more than 100ml is permitted for any single item and 1 litre for all items.
Items must be stored in clear zip lock bags.
Sharp & flammable items are not permitted in carry on baggage.
Please check with your carrier for a comprehensive list of restricted items.
For any prescription medication you may need a doctors letter or prescription in order to travel with the relevant medication.
Remember to declare any valuable items at customs by completing a traveller’s card (TC1) before leaving South Africa.

Roaming International roaming and data can be very costly. Consider a local sim card in order to save.

Electrical Sockets
Adapters differ from country to country. Make sure you obtain an international adapter in order to accommodate any unique sockets.

Foreign Exchange
It is advisable to obtain forex before your departure from a reliable source. Most hotels and International destinations would support VISA / Mastercard ATMs or card swipes, although this may be at additional cost and depending on your destination may not be readily available.